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It's All About Me

That's me in the middle at a MERWA workshop

Here I am in Seville, Spain


A selfie in Paris on the Rue de Bievre

In Rabat with the Barbary Coast in the background

Me in the middle at a Bedouin camp on my Saharan adventure

On a hike near Santa Fe 

On a panel with Maine authors

At Camp Brainstorming

The Family

#1 Son & Family visiting Seville

The Middle Boy and family

Baby Girl and her Sweetie

The whole kit and kaboodle

Me, Mum and Dad

The Dogs

Amadeus - My first Yorkie and the reason I fell in love with them

CeCe - A feisty little thing

Pattipan - The dog I moved to Maine with.  The sweetest, most patient little dog ever

Sassie - Lived up to her name (she's the Yorkie) and Jake - the cowardly lion of a dog

Mishka - the "little bear" Yorkie, and 

Gizmo - a whirling dervish

They both rule my house

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