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The Scoop on Judi

As far back as I can remember, I've had stories playing in my head. When I was little, I acted them out, creating elaborate (to my mind) costumes. And when I wasn't acting out stories, or telling them to myself, I was reading someone else's. The summer I turned 12, when I had read every Nancy Drew I owned at least twice and was nagging my mother to drive me to the library, she dug out one of her romance novels and I was hooked!



Growing up in a small town in Maine, although I did some writing in school, it was never a focus in class. Later, as a legal secretary in the days of manual typewriters, although I considered the idea of a writing career, I quickly discarded it. I knew too well how much work was involved in drafting, editing and retyping legal documents. I was much too lazy to consider tackling a book.


And then that wonderful invention arrived. The computer. With that lovely cut and paste feature. Within a year of learning word processing on the job, I had my own computer for the express purpose of writing the next best seller. Happily for the reading world, manuscript keeps the dust bunnies company under my bed. However, it's where I honed my craft and began to learn what it takes to tell a story on paper.

Over 30 years ago, I moved to Minnesota and fell in love with the North Shore, a little taste of New England in the north woods. The time I spent camping around Silver Bay, Minnesota, inspired me to write a book set in northern Minnesota.


I hope you enjoy the result of that inspiration, THROUGH ALL TIME, coming soon from Foothills Publishing.

The idea for my next book came from a chance comment my father made when I was visiting my parents at their summer place near Machais, Maine. He said something to the effect that he'd heard that one of the lobstermen was shooting at another one because he thought the guy had been messing with his bait box. That started me down the "what if" trail and the result is Secrets, just re-released by Foothills Publishing.

In 2001, I moved back to Maine near the foothills of the White Mountains where I divided my time between writing, work and visiting my kids, scattered around the country and the world.  After a dreadful February in 2014, I move to Albuquerque. Still four seasons, but much warmer.  Near Son #2 and grandkids.  And in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains.  Some things change.  Some things stay the same.

This is why I moved.  Just sayin' . . .

My current writing projects include re-releasing a time travel, Through All Time.  My Campfire Circle stories will be released soon, including a fifth short story and a novella.  And in the works are a contemporary mystery (Book 2 in the Heart to Heart series), a time travel set during the American Revolution, and several erotica short stories (written by my alter ego, Pepper Goodrich).

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