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Where to buy Two Moons Rising

two moons rising

     Zoe Wilkinson is one of the top secret service agents in the country, assigned to guard the First Lady.  On a brief vacation on Bermuda, she finds a large moonstone globe and, while holding it up to look at it, is transported through time and space to the planet of Lunalayah.  She knows the dangers involved in becoming emotionally involved with someone she is protecting and has vowed never to let that happen.

     Prince Tarique cel Sahar yon Kebali and his followers have gone into voluntary exile on an island on Lunalayah. The A'dacians are attempting to coerce Tarique's people into a contract to mine trianthious crystals.  Tarique is fighting to thwart this plan. The reason for exile was because of his father’s dalliances, and Tarique has pledged he will not follow in his father’s footsteps. Despite landing in the middle of this conflict, can Zoe overcome a wary heart to convince Tarique he is more than his father's son?



     Her training kicked in. She looked around, assessing her surroundings more closely than before. The beach was not pink like the beach in Bermuda. It was freaking black. She stood in the middle of a small cove, not a long expanse of shoreline. And no resort sat a few feet above the high-water line, only a steep hill covered with jungle vegetation. Something was very wrong.

     Apprehension slammed her in the gut. Not only was she not in Bermuda, but she had a guy, probably deranged, claiming to be a prince, who thought he could prevent her from leaving. What if he was right? "Where, exactly, did you say we are?"

     "You are on Essalyn Island. Do you not listen?" He clipped out the words.

     He didn't have to get snippy. "What country are we in?"

     He stared at her, his eyes boring through her like the laser sight on her weapon. "Kebali. My country."

     "And this is on planet Earth, right?" Sarcasm dripped off the last word."Earth?"

     "You know. Third rock from the sun." She cursed her regrettable tendency to be flip when she was nervous. It had gotten her into trouble more than once.

     "Sun? Yes, of course we have a sun." She didn't miss the dismissive tone of voice. "Our planet is Lunalayah."

     Zoe clamped her lips shut to keep hysterical laughter from escaping. "You're kidding, right?"

     "No." His serious expression, without the slightest gleam of amusement in his eyes, convinced her he was telling the truth. At least the truth he believed.

     "This can't be."

     "What are you talking about?" He frowned. "Of course it can. This is where we are."

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