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Where to by Whispers

Book 3 in the

Heart to Heart Series



     Nikki Cushman is newly promoted to acting President of a small credit union in Portland, Maine.  She knows there's trouble when she discovers Tony D'Angelo is assigned to handle the transition audit.  He does not know he is the father of her twelve-year old daughter, Angie. 

     When they're forced to work together to investigate issues with fraudulent accounts and threats against Nikki and Angie, can they listen to the whispers in their hearts?



     Nikki had never expected to see Tony D'Angelo again. Hadn't wanted to. She'd made her decision to go it alone all those years ago and never looked back.

* * *

     Her mouth tightened when she recognized him. For a minute, he thought she wouldn't let him in, but she crossed the room and unlocked the door.

     "What are you doing here?"

     "I thought we might talk."

     "There's nothing to say."

     He stepped inside and she stepped back. "I haven't seen you in over ten years. Bring me up to date."

     When he took another step forward, she moved back. As if she wanted to keep out of reach. "I went to school. I'm president of the credit union. What more do you need to know?"

     Glancing at her left hand, he noted the absence of a wedding ring. Maybe the marriage hadn't worked out. He took another step toward her, curious to see what she'd do. As expected, she stepped back. "And how do you like this job?"

     "Just fine."

     Another step and she moved back again. This brought her against the couch. She stumbled back and tumbled down on the couch cushions. Without invitation, he sat down beside her and laced his fingers in hers. A jolt of awareness like a current of electricity traveled up his arm. The old attraction for her was as hot as ever.

     He heard her sharp intake of breath and knew she'd had a similar reaction.    He pulled her toward him until his mouth was inches from hers.

     He pushed away the tiny niggle of concern that she might be a suspect in the money problems with the credit union. It wouldn't be the first time he'd mixed business with pleasure. Even though it was never a wise idea, he never seemed to learn from his mistakes. And this was Nikki. His first love.

"It's going to be," he paused taking the time to caress her body with his gaze, "a pleasure working with you."

     Nikki turned her head aside. "This can't happen." Her voice was low but resolute.

     He wanted to see how determined she was. "Why not?"

     "It's complicated."

     "That may be, but we can figure something out."

     She straightened her shoulders and thinned her mouth into a stubborn line. "No."

     Tony shrugged. He wouldn't argue with her. But he knew if he got the chance, he'd kiss her until she forgot all about any complications.

     "Later," he said, and sauntered out of the room.

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